Tariffs and Operating Hours

Winter 2023/2024

The cable car is open daily and operates every 15 minutes.

Expected operating times in good snow and weather conditions
16.12.2023 – 01.04.2024

Skiing operations: daily from 09:00 a.m. – 04:15 p.m.
Last inspection run: daily at 04:15 p.m.
Rofan cable car: 08:30 a.m. until 04:45 p.m., every 15 minutes

The prices listed here are based on a calculation from August 2023. However, the further development of  factors relevant for this calculation (e.g. energy costs, inflation, etc.) cannot be estimated at the moment. Consequently, it may be necessary to recalculate the prices in the event of corresponding developments. We must therefore reserve the right to adjust the fares at a later date, however, in any case before the purchase of a ticket. In the event of an adjustment, the price announced at this (later) point in time must be paid.

We further ask you to observe our General Terms and Conditions.

Day passAdultChild 2
before 11:00 a.m.40,50 EUR24,00 EUR
after 11:00 a.m.39,50 EUR23,50 EUR
after 11:30 a.m.38,50 EUR23,00 EUR
after 12:00 p.m.37,50 EUR22,50 EUR
after 12:30 p.m.36,00 EUR22,00 EUR
after 01:00 p.m.35,00 EUR21,50 EUR
after 01:30 p.m.34,00 EUR21,00 EUR
after 02:00 p.m.33,50 EUR20,00 EUR
Family day pass2 Adults + 1 Child41 Adults + 1 Child4Addit. Child5
1 day85,00 EUR56,00 EUR17,00 EUR
2 days171,00 EUR109,00 EUR33,00 EUR
Infants in a skiing course 7
Ski bunny ticket per day11,00 EUR
Hourly Ticket3AdultChild 2
Full price daily tariff43,00 EUR25,50 EUR
Refund / up to 2 hours of use9,00 EUR6,00 EUR
Refund / up to 3 hours of use7,00 EUR4,50 EUR
Refund / up to 4 hours of use4,00 EUR3,00 EUR

The period of use starts when the hourly ticket is issued at the ticket office and ends when the ticket is returned in person at the ticket office.

Rofan cable carAdultChild
Ascent & descent26,50 EUR16,00 EUR
Ascent23,00 EUR14,00 EUR
Descent17,50 EUR10,50 EUR
Airrofan Skyglider )AdultChild
1 flight15,50 EUR11,00 EUR
3-flights-pass35,00 EUR24,50 EUR
1 photograph of the flight - can also be collected digitally6,50 EUR6,50 EUR
Multi day passesAdultChild 2Skibunny7
2 days76,50 EUR44,50 EUR22,00 EUR
3 days99,50 EUR60,50 EUR33,00 EUR
4 days121,50 EUR73,50 EUR44,00 EUR
5 days143,50 EUR86,00 EUR55,00 EUR
6 days161,50 EUR97,50 EUR66,00 EUR
7 days178,50 EUR107,50 EUR
8 days192,50 EUR115,50 EUR
9 days204,00 EUR122,50 EUR
10 days215,00 EUR129,50 EUR
11 days227,00 EUR136,50 EUR
12 days238,00 EUR143,50 EUR
13 days250,00 EUR150,00 EUR
14 days261,00 EUR157,00 EUR
Season ticket391,50 EUR235,00 EUR
4 out of 6 day choice ticket6131,50 EUR79,00 EUR
Region ski pass 1AdultChild2
4 days190,50 EUR108,50 EUR
5 days226,50 EUR129,50 EUR
6 days254,50 EUR146,00 EUR
7 days282,00 EUR160,50 EUR
8 days308,50 EUR175,50 EUR
9 days333,50 EUR190,50 EUR
10 days357,00 EUR203,50 EUR
11 days379,00 EUR216,00 EUR
12 days399,50 EUR228,00 EUR
13 days418,50 EUR238,00 EUR
14 days436,00 EUR248,50 EUR
Season ticket494,50 EUR313,00 EUR
Luggage- and cargo tariffs9
Minimum per freight9,50 EUR
1 piece of winter sports equipment, 1 hang glider or other sporting goods9,50 EUR
up to a total weight of9,50 EUR

1 Achensee region ski passes are valid on all cable cars and lifts of the Rofan cable cars Maurach, Christlum lifts Achenkirch, Karwendelbergbahn Pertisau and the Steinberg lifts.
2 infants born in 2017 or later are transported free of charge when accompanied by a supervising adult and in accordance with the conditions of carriage. Children born between 2008 and 2016 are entitled to the children’s fare.
Proof of age is required.
3 hourly ticket = day ticket with reimbursement at the cable car ticket office after 2, 3 or 4 hours.
4 family day tickets: 2 + 1 = parents + 1 child; 1 + 1 = one parent + 1 child. In case of doubt, proof of family status is required.
5 additional children’s tickets for families: a maximum of two additional tickets can be issued.
6 day choice ticket: skiing on 4 selectable days and 2 days off.
7 valid for small children (birth year see above) as part of a ski course accompanied by a ski instructor. If at least one parent buys a Rofan ski pass for the same period, then the toddler receives a free pass.
8 flights with the AIRROFAN are permitted for persons from the age of 10 with a minimum height of 1.30m.
9 hand luggage: no carriage fee is charged for luggage up to 10 kg as well as for 1 pair of skis or 1 toboggan, for the passenger’s own use.

Prices in EUR incl. 10 % or 20 % VAT. Tariffs and other terms and conditions are subject to change. No refunds in case of bad weather, loss, departure, injury, illness, failure or non-operation of facilities. Chip card deposit fee for season tickets EUR 4.00. Refund at the ticket office on return.