Climbing with a unique lake view

In the Rofan mountains you will find a wide selection of traditional, but also modern via ferratas. Breathtaking views, quick and mostly easy approaches as well as routes that do not require complicated knots or rope manoeuvres offer both beginners and experienced climbers a variety of options.

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Via Ferrata

5-peaks via ferrata

This via ferrata leads over five central peaks of the Rofan and is thus a particularly popular tour. The route allows you to climb each peak individually, which means that via ferrata beginners do not necessarily have to complete the two-kilometre tour, but can end it early at any time. The entire traverse is only recommended for experienced via ferrata climbers.

Total hiking time for the entire tour: 6 - 8 hours

Practice via ferrata

A practice via ferrata in the immediate vicinity of the Rofan cable car top station is particularly suitable for children and beginners to get some practice and familiarize themselves with the safe handling of their via ferrata set. With a length of “only” 50 metres, it is a fairly short but steep and interesting via ferrata.

Climbing Routes

Streichkopf climbing routes

This steep, spectacular rock arena at 2,100 metres above sea level has probably already been admired by many climbers, as it inevitably catches your eye when you hike from the Dalfaz Alm towards Hochiss. Nevertheless, it took until the summer of 2009 before Martin Gasteiger and Clemens Steinbauer began to establish the first routes here. In the years that followed, Clemens Steinbauer in particular was the driving force in bolting many more worthwhile tours. Thus, little by little, an absolute top area was created.

Rock quality

The climbing varies from vertical slabs with beautiful water grooves to athletic, pitted overhangs that require a fair amount of strength and endurance. The quality of the rock is superb and the climbing is very diverse, featuring everything from classic cracks, holes and sharp ledges, to overhanging slopers.


Martin Gasteiger, Raphael Keller, Harald
Schmid and Clemens Steinbauer.

Best Season

June to October. Only dry after longer periods of good weather.


Walk relatively level from the Rofan cable car top station to the Dalfaz Alm, then walk uphill and past Steinernes Tor on the right to the foot of the Streichkopf.

Duration approx. 1.15 hrs.

1. Mama Mia (Keller/Steinbauer 2010) * 7a+
2. Schnipp-Schnapp (C. Steinbauer 2013) *** 7c
3. Seifenblase (C. Steinbauer 2013) *** 7b+
4. Mama Eva (C. Steinbauer 2010) *** 6c+
5. Caramba Carajo (C. Steinbauer 2010) * 7b
6. Offenes Proj. (C. Steinbauer) 8a+
7. Struggle for Life (Keller/Steinbauer 2010) *** 45m! 8a+
8. Psyched Brothers (Keller/Steinbauer/Dornauer 2015) *** 8b+
9. R-evolve (C. Steinbauer 2009) *** 1.Sl. 7b
10. Proj. (H. Schmid) 8a+/b

11. The Driving Force (C. Steinbauer 2013) *** 2.Sl. Proj. 8a+
12. Shamrock (C. Steinbauer/K. Fischhuber 2019) *** 8b/+
13. Believe (C. Steinbauer/G. Hörhager 2015) *** 8b+
14. Feuchter Traum (C. Steinbauer 2013) *** 8a
15. Out Of Reach (C. Steinbauer 2009) *** 8a+/b
16. Fingerbeißer (Gasteiger/Klausner 2009) *** 7b
17. Wasserrille (M. Gasteiger 2009) *** Rechtseinstieg 6a+
18. Communication Breakdown (C. Steinbauer 2011) ** 6a+
19. Rock’n Roll Suicide (C. Steinbauer 2013) *** 6c
20. Catwalk (C. Steinbauer 2011) * 5c

Steinernes Tor climbing routes

At Steinernes Tor, the first routes were only established by Clemens Steinbauer in 2017. It is a good alternative to the Streichkopf, as the rock dries faster. The wall is not as spectacular, but its is in no way inferior to its big brother in terms of rock quality.

Rock quality

The climbing offers athletic overhangs on big holes with partly difficult single pitches. The diverse tours are all on the best rock.


Sandra Fritz and Clemens Steinbauer.

Best Season

June to October. After rainfall, the wall needs 3 days to dry.


Starting at the Rofan cable car top station, walk relatively level to the Dalfaz Alm, then uphill and keep left through Steinernes Tor. After approx. 20m, take a sharp left on the grassy strip to reach the wall.

Duration approx. 1 hr.

1. Fiiixxxx (Sandra Fritz 2018) ** 6b
2. Rubbel die Katz (C. Steinbauer 2017) *** 6b+
3. The New Born Bolting Bunny (S. Fritz 2018) *** 6c+
4. Little Sunshine (C. Steinbauer 2017) *** 7a+
5. In Loving Memory (C. Steinbauer 2018) *** 7b+
6. Nebelgrind (C. Steinbauer 2018) *** 7c+/8a
7. Heart Of Gold (C. Steinbauer 2018) *** 8a+

8. Proj. (C. Steinbauer)
8.‘ Thunderstruck (C. Steinbauer 2019) ** 6c+
9. Lightning (C. Steinbauer 2018) *** 8a
10. Crash Boom Bang (C. Steinbauer 2018) *** 8a+
11. Starman (C. Steinbauer 2018) *** 7b
12. Open Your Mind (C. Steinbauer 2017) *** 7b/7b+
13. Ground Control (C. Steinbauer 2018) ** 7b

Further Information
Rofan cable car: +43 / 52 43 / 52 92